Why Us

Why Us?

That's a great question, we'd love a chance to explain ourselves...

TL:DR We're awesome, you're awesome, why not be awesome together?


We are a group of investors that have been investing together for over 15 years. “As it do” we had clients and individuals wanting to learn exactly what we have been doing in the note business which organically created iNote Success. (All free range, non-gmo, pasture raised investing here.)

We enjoy what we do and have a lot of fun with it, as we trust you are gathering.  After all, you can’t take life as serious as you need to take your investing.  And we do take our investments seriously!  It’s how we make a living after all.  This is why we are creating the new boundaries for the strategies and techniques used in the note industry. 


Investing is an ever shifting market place.  What worked 2, 5 or even 10 years ago won’t keep working forever.  The real estate market will go up & down, interest rates will change, the major driving forces behind the economy will shift, life goes on. 

What stays the same is the simple fact investors are typically striving for safe, security-backed cash flow, retirement accounts that grow exponentially, and strategies that provide flexibility to control the risk as the investing world changes.

This is where we focus.  Things are changing now (“ahhh, remember the good ol’ days? Fifteen miles, uphill in the snow both ways!”) and savvy investors are using these changes to strengthen their real estate investing to flourish no matter what!

“It’s not about where the markets have been, it’s about where the markets are going!”


Investing today for where the markets are going is the only way to secure the wealth, health and safety.  Everyone has a story about the “one that got away” or “if I had only known then what I know now”.

The future has never been about looking into your investing past.  If you had sold all your investments in 2006/2007 then reinvested in 2009/2010 would you still be holding today?  Are you still holding today?

The strategies and techniques we teach at iNote Success are crafted from our combined experience of over 70 years of investing.  Our members learn what to do for where the market will be in 1 year, 3 years, 10 years from now while maintaining control to change the risk, while not sacrificing cash-flow and returns.

Does your future include us?  Only time will tell, and good timing has always lead to the biggest returns!

We invite you to check us out. Make sure we are the right choice for you.

And more importantly, you are the right choice for us!