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I have been an investor for over 3 decades and I have never seen a more exciting time to get started with notes.  To me a complete real estate investor makes use of an opportunity to create life changing wealth.  Most individuals in real estate only understand the physical side of investing.  Learning notes completes their profitability by learning the financial side of real estate investing.  Stop and think of the tallest buildings where you live, do you see the banks name up there?  Banks focus on the financial side of real estate and typically make the largest profits with the most security.  With rising interest rates, stick & brick real estate at an all time high, and uncertainty in the stock markets now has never been a better time to add notes into your investing for their profitability and security.


This one's on me

I love to work with serious investors.  The pleasure comes from knowing when you profit in your first deal in notes, that I had a part to play and get you there quickly and safely.  That is why I put together my 4 part series “The Foundation of Note Investing”.  If you are a seasoned note investor or just looking to get started, this series will solidify the foundation and help you understand why so many investors are turning to notes for easy cash flow or large ROI lump sums.

You are on this page and that means I shared this special link with you.  Giving you the ability to access this training series complimentary.  I offer this rarely and I am excited that you are here to take advantage of it.  I look forward to introducing you to the possibilities of note investing and crafting a professional relationship in the near future.

Discover the Possibilities of Notes

Performing Note

Performing Notes are simply cash flow where the note investor is targeting yield based returns.  Yield can range widely though I teach my members where to find them for 8%, 10%, 12%, 16% or more.  It doesn’t stop there, I teach systems to amplify the return even higher!

Non-Performing Note

Non-Performing Notes indicate that there are late payments, missing payments, an arrearage account, or underwater.  There is massive potential to fixing these notes or even converting them into the physical property.  Where there is more work there is always more profit potential!

Flexibility & Security

Notes are an incredibly flexible investment for yield, return and managing risk.  Most investors are typically looking for simple cash flow, lump sum returns or both!  Combine these with the security of having your investment backed by a physical property and you’re on the right path for success.

The uneducated investor would be to look at Performing Notes for simple cash flow and Non-Performing Notes for lump sum returns.  This is only the very tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to notes.  With my Foundation Series you will learn my other techniques, strategies, and systems to add in tools such as Partials, Hardest Hit Funds, Seller Financing, Retirement Amplifying, Rental Conversions, Investor Brokering and more.

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Here are 3 of my favorite strategies in this series


Maintain control and ownership of the note while receiving a lump sum payment reducing your cost & risk.  Learn to take the same money in 1 note and turn it into several notes!

Hardest Hit Funds

This program has been one of the strongest for Non-Performing Note investors to get incredible returns.  Less than 2 years left before this program is gone!

Investor Brokering

Use your knowledge of the note business and access to inventory to profit by connecting up investors to their investments.  If you know a network of investors, the sky is the limit!

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