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Our Breakout Session Topic!

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Making Money with Real Estate & Notes

During our breakout session you will learn how we methodically crafted these strategies at the intersection of real estate and real estate notes.  Our forward thinking note techniques & strategies combine the best of real estate investing with the best note techniques.

New to notes?  A seasoned real estate investor?  Looking to safely grow your retirement account? Simply looking to increase the tools & strategies available to you?  Come see our breakout session at the Think Realty Expo and learn how to complete your real estate investing!

Here are some of our headlining strategies we will be highlighting during our session:

Rental Equity-Lock:  Lock in the equity of your rental while increasing your cash flow.
Turn-Key Note:  Nothing to do with rental property, just the easiest, safest way to invest.
Lease-Purchase Note: Create long-term passive income with lower taxes.
Note Arbitrage:  Make a profit on a note you don’t even own.

Kevin Shortle

3:30 pm - 4:40 pm

in the Carrollton Room

A good investor invests where the money is, a great investor invests where the money is going!

Booth Location and Activities

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Check out the full list of learning & bonuses we have for you!

Interested in buying or selling notes?  Throughout the day we will be reviewing note inventory available for investing.   Have a rental property, note or real estate investment you would like to get an offer on?  Stop by and chat with us.  Investing is all about finding the right deals and we are happy to show you some of what we have available.

Real estate is up all over the country and investors are looking to lock in the equity and keep the cash flow.  Interested to learn more?  Drop by and learn about our Equity-Lock Notes. 

Just getting started in investing or looking to make fee income?  Our Note Arbitrage strategy is perfect for you.  Whether you work with a pool of investors or want to simply build a fee based business where the clients call you, come learn how to get started in notes with little or no money.

Kevin Shortle will be recording several live podcasts throughout the day where he will be interviewing investors, discussing the best techniques for today’s market as well as showing the data for where the market is heading.  The live topics and times will be listed on our board.

Smart investors keep an eye out for anyway to increase their yields.  One of the most common questions we get is how notes can safely provide this while maintaining the safety of an asset backed investment.  We encourage you to stop by for a quick chat to see if our techniques are the correct fit for your investment goals.

There is a plethora of good traditional investments available to the average investor.  Throughout the day we will have our Notes vs traditional Investment Series playing on the screens so the savvy investors can gather the facts of how to choose the correct strategy for their portfolio.  Want to get a copy of the series?  Simply text “inote” to 797979. 

The simple key to retirement is cashflow.  Once your investment cashflow meets or exceeds your “9- to 5” cashfow, you can retire.

Using the power of our retirement strategies you can easily amplify the cashflow in your retirement account safely and securely setting yourself up for long term success!

Drop by our booth and learn more about these strategies and more!

The winners of our drawings will have a choice between two of our most popular services.  To enter, simply drop a business card in our bowl or text the word “inote” to 797979.  Those who text in before the event will get an extra entry! 

3 Months of Our Member Web-Lessons

1 Use of Our Note Concierge Service

 The winner will be randomly selected at the end of the day following the last main session at our booth.

We love to talk about the strategies and techniques we use for notes.  There will be mini-sessions on various topics driven by the questions you ask!

Have a particular interest or question?  Stop by anytime and ask away.

Enter Our Drawing!

The winners can choose from either of our popular services. 
Those who enter the drawing before the Think Realty Expo starts will receive double the chance to win!

3 Months of Our Member Web-Lessons

Each week we host a Web-Lesson for our members discussing the most effective note strategies, industry updates, advanced techniques, member questions, special guest industry experts and more. This is by far one of our members favorite platforms to increase their knowledge and skill sets!

$1000 Value

Text the word "iNote" to 797979


We will only send you 3 texts during the event to remind you when & where our breakout session is.  After the event we will send you a link for a  copy of the presentations & videos you will have seen at our booth.  Standard text messaging rates apply depending on your carrier.  Reply with the word “Stop” at anytime.  Winner will announced at the end of the show, and will be notified via text.  Winner must be present to win. Purchase not required.  Prizes have no cash value.

1 Use of Our Note Concierge Service

Our members have access to all of our note inventory including our strategic partners and off-book inventory. Our Concierge Service will search through all the inventory to locate the notes that best match the investors criteria. This service is incredibly powerful for those investors looking to buy a tape or fill in a portfolio.

$1500 Value

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Get Ready For Us at Think Realty Dallas Expo

Notes vs Retail Real Estate

Our Notes vs Alternative Investments highlights how adding notes to your real estate investing will complete the tool set available for the savvy investor.  

You can register below discover the power of adding notes to your investing.  As a thank you for checking us out, we have included it for you with our Foundation of Notes Series.

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Complimentary Note Foundation Series

We crafted our Foundation of Notes Series to solidify an understanding behind why & when to use notes in your real estate investments.  For those who have already been investing with notes, you will discover some strategies you might not have seen before!

We'll see you in Dallas!