Terms & Conditions

All the fun legal stuff our lawyers make us put up here

(you would think they charge by the word)

Disclosure: iNoteSuccess provides private training. Individual performance depends upon the individual skills, time availability, and dedication of each Client in the training Program. Testimonials shared are not typical. Any results shared are not a guarantee of performance but are merely examples of individuals who have implemented iNotes’ strategies and trainings. Because your background, education, and experience are different your results will vary. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. iNoteSuccess and its owners, employees, contractors and affiliates do not give financial advice and are not licensed by or registered with any federal or state agency AND ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SUCCESS OR ACTIONS.

I understand that I need to have access to the Internet and an email address to receive my assignments. I also understand that my personal success from this program will be a result of my own efforts. I further acknowledge that individual results vary based on backgrounds, education, and experience. I have based my decision to purchase on my own desire and not on any express or implied earnings claims.

iNoteSucces Workshop: does not offer any legal, tax, or financial advice. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own actions and hereby release and hold harmless iNoteSuccess, and any of their staff, employees, officers or agents from liability for any of my actions or comments. I accept my obligation to make full payment for the advanced trainings. I will consult with a tax professional about any potential write offs or deductions related to my real estate investing and the purchase of this program.

Fulfillment Policy: It is your obligation to attend any scheduled training sessions. However, if you do not complete your training sessions within 30 days of the scheduled dates, we will provide you with alternate training materials (via e-mail, CD/DVD, print materials, or one-line access) as fulfillment of your purchase.

Acknowledgement: You acknowledge that success is dependent on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, attitude, persistence, and full participation in all phases of the Program. iNoteSuccess is dedicated to helping Clients become successful in the Program as the success of the Program itself depends on the completion and implementation by Clients of the strategies taught in the Program. By signing the front page of this Agreement, Client affirms an intent and commitment to learn and implement these strategies. By signing the front page of this Enrollment Form, Client affirms an intent and commitment to learn and implement these strategies.

Representations: Client acknowledges that iNoteSuccess has made no representations or guarantees other than those expressed herein; Client has not relied thereon; and iNotes specifically disclaims any other representations or warranties. Moreover, Client recognizes and acknowledges that individual performance depends upon the individual skills, time availability, and dedication of each Client in the Program. Client acknowledges that iNotes is a training institute and is not offering a business opportunity or franchise, and is not ascertaining the suitability of this Program for the Client. This Enrollment Form represents the entire understanding and supersedes all prior statements, agreements, and understandings, if any, either oral or written.

Law and Arbitration: The parties waive trial by court or jury. By signing this Agreement you agree any and all disputes which may arise between you and iNoteSuccess, arising out of the terms of this Agreement or the relationship between the parties shall be decided exclusively in binding arbitration conducted by the American Arbitration Association. Arbitration shall take place in dispute in Salt Lake, Utah and governed by and construed under Utah law, except its conflict of laws rules. Client also waive his/her right to bring or participate in a class action against iNoteSuccess or its parent, affiliated companies, subsidiaries, agents, officers, and/or principals.

Severability: If any provision of this Enrollment Form shall be held unenforceable such provision shall be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary so that the remaining provisions of this Enrollment Form shall otherwise remain in full force and effect.

Limitations of Use: This Program is designed for personal use only. Client agrees that only the Client will use the Program. Client shall not resell or otherwise dispute the original or any copy of the Program materials in any manner or any part thereof, in any manner, and shall not allow others to do so. Any violation of this policy may lead to prosecution under state or federal law, or both.

Non-Solicitation: Client agrees not to solicit other iNoteSuccess clients to offer additional products and/or services. Such action will constitute a breach of this Agreement which will result in the immediate terminations of services. iNoteSuccess is not responsible for returning any consideration paid for services canceled for breaching this provision.