Your 1 on 1 Personal Mentorship

If knowledge is power, then experience is the proper application of it.  If your goal is to take you note business to a new level of success then you are in the right place.

Imagine working personally for 2 days with a note investor that has 10, 20, or 30 years in the business. Working together will help you deal with the challenges of note investing and ascend to the next level? Our mentors work with serious individuals of all levels to define and refine the strategies and techniques that will bring continued success to where the market is going.

"Good investors invest where the markets is,
great investors invest where the markets are going."

3 Keys to Success with Notes


If you don’t have strategies that work for where the market is going, you will constantly experience the sensation of “catching up”.  A core understanding of notes, the correct strategies and the willingness to adapt creates the base a great investor can fast track from.


Call a spade a spade.  All the knowledge in the world isn’t enough if you don’t have access to the best note inventory out there.  With a core understanding of the strategies and techniques and access to our complete inventory sources 


This is well and truly the key.  There are two types of knowledge in the world.  Book knowledge and experience.  The only way to gain experience correctly is over time.  This is why our mentorship students have a year of unfiltered access to their mentor.  They can review inventory, our strategies and techniques and ask any questions they may have.

The core of whats included.

You will fly out to your mentor’s location to meet for 2 days for intensive 1 on 1 focus on note investing.  Prior to the mentorship you will have several sessions with your mentor to craft an individual training agenda that matches your experience and investment goals.

Before purchasing or selling a note, you can have your mentor review it to assure it matches your strategy and goals for the asset.

Our concierge service locates the assets that best match your investment criteria. Simply submit your criteria to our Trade Desk and they will search all of our inventory.  This includes our own private inventory, and that of our strategic partners and hedge funds. This service typically costs $1500 per use and Mentorship Students get 12 months of use!

Mentorship students get a direct line to our trade desk for pricing and inventory.  

Learning from your mentor’s experience takes time, so we’ll give you more time than you will need with direct access to your mentor.  As you continue to develop and transact with more inventory, your questions will change as your skillset increases.
The community we cultivate is the strength behind our success.  Each month we hold Mentorship Mastermind Sessions to continue the learning process and provide experience from across our investors.  Imagine meeting with the most active investors in the industry all sharing what they are doing to improve their success, and yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of our mentors are located in Florida.  However, we have several mentors located in other states.  You will be required to travel to your mentor, though in specific situations you can arrange to meet your mentor in your local area.
All of our mentors are expert note investors with 10, 20 or 30 years of experience.  Before connecting you with your mentor, you must complete a Mentorship Application and Investor Personality Questionnaire which we use to select the best mentor for you.

Absolutely you can!  Some of our mentors do have a waitlist as they only do 1 – 2 mentorships a quarter.  Need help selecting?  We can set up a quick phone consultation to answer any questions you may have.

$9,997.00 is the investment for our 12 month mentorship. 

As a company we focus on keeping the costs affordable to get our members buying, selling, managing & trading notes quickly.  

No fluff here.  To be frank, our mentors are well paid for their time.  

The note business is relationship driven and most individuals are amazed at the opportunities that arise from being a member of a this group.  Our mentors are no different.

We can tell you there is a great sense of accomplishment derived from seeing an investor significantly change their investment life through your own instruction.  

That truly depends on where you want to take your note investing or note business.  For some investors it might be too early for a mentorship, for others, they wish they had done it sooner.

The best way to answer this question for yourself is to complete our Mentorship Application and schedule a call with us.