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Learn our complete system using notes for secure cash flow or lump-sum payouts.  Seller Financing, Performing Notes, Non-Performing Notes, Selling Partials, Brokering and using the Hardest Hit Funds to amplify your returns!

Step 1:

Buy your first note!  We'll show you where, when, why, and most importantly, HOW!

Step 2:


It is important to reach this step quickly!  After all, this is where the money is made.  We will give you the same places we buy Performing & Non-Performing notes from!


Grow your income and net worth securely into a booming investment portfolio! 

Step 3:

Be it increase your current income, retirement accounts, or generational wealth, this is the ultimate goal for every investor!

"was the beginning of my cash-flow business.  They took me by the hand and literally walked me through my first deals.  I have now been in the business for two years and have to give them credit for my training and for always being there."

Carol B.

Bob D.

Beverly B.

"They have consistently worked with me to get the deal done!  This approach added considerable to my income last year, and I have no doubt it will do the same this year.  They are truly a professional source in the industry."

"thank you for your guidance and education in the note industry.  Starting my own business has enabled me to take control of my life, given me the freedom to make my own choices, and made me feel independent and wealthy in many ways."

A few words from those know...

Receive secured cash flow from Performing Notes the right way. 8%...10%...15%.... whatever return you need to reach your financial or retirement goals, Notes have long been a tool for the savvy investor.

Performing Notes


Lump sum payouts, establishing cash flow, acquiring properties for 30% of the as-is value, these are only a few of the reasons smart investors are turning to Non-Performing Notes to increase their returns.

Non-Performing Notes


What you need to know, we got you covered,

Seller Financing






Hardest Hit Funds


Learn why top rental investors are adding the change to seller financing through notes. Increase the return, remove the headaches and pocket an asset that can be sold for cash.

Use little to none of your own money to receive finders fees, lump sum payouts, potential cash flow or even keep the opportunity to a large cash payout down the road, all these are possible using the power of notes.

Prior to retirement most investors are looking for asset growth, while those who are already in (or close to) retirement are more focused in cash flow. Notes have long been used by the wealthy to achieve that and leave it for the future generations via a Trust.

This is one of the best kept secrets in investing! There are 17 states with over $9 billion to assist homeowners to catch up on payments, reduce their principal or both! As a note owner this can quickly escalate your returns to levels traditional RE investors can't fathom.

Time = Money, So Why Wait?

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