Note Orientation Primer

Discover the Power of Notes!

"Good investors invest where the market is,
great investors invest where the market is going."

Notes are the finance side of real estate investing.  They have been a powerful tool used by savvy investors for generations.  Looking for cash flow?  Lump sum returns?  Creating a business connecting investors?  The true power behind notes is the flexibility and security they provide.  This is likely why so many investors are moving into notes rather than competing in the real estate fix n’ flip, rental, wholesale & commercial space.  Let’s face it, in most areas real estate values are higher than they were in 2008.  If you are currently investing in real estate you have already seen the number of deals available go down, while the profit margins are shrinking.  While interest rates are continuing to rise it will continue make the physical side of real estate tougher, while creating even more inventory for note investors!  

That is why so many investors are adding in the financial side of real estate using notes!  Using notes will complete any real estate investors portfolio and expand the tools to make many deals more profitable.  Get excited to open up the possibilities of converting rentals to notes and locking in the market highs while reducing expenses and headaches.  Discover cash flowing yields that are simple, easy and access inventory the majority of real estate investors will never see!

We are coming to Dallas!

We will be hosting our 2.5 day iNote training on March  22 – 24 in Dallas, TX.


Want to see how notes compare to traditional real estate investing?

What you will learn:

Imagine creating a portfolio that cash flows at an 8%, 10%, 12%, 14% yield or more!  Performing notes a powerhouse for investors targeting cash flow.  Great for retirement accounts as well!

Looking to acquire properties for 20% – 70% of their current value?  
Interested in minimal work with maximum returns?

Non-Performing Notes can be turned into extraordinary returns with the core strategies you will learn in our training.

Make a profit on a note you don’t even own!  With the inventory sources you gain access to in our training, learn how to craft fee based income by simply connecting up buyers & sellers.

Do you have a rental property that has appreciated with the topping real estate market?  Would you be interested in learning how to lock in the equity in that property while maintaining the cash flow?  

This powerful strategy is how the savvy real estate investors profit while protecting themselves against a slowing or falling market.

Many investors are after simple high yield cash flow without any of the work.  We have a vast inventory of Turn-Key Notes available you have access to in our training.

Real estate notes have long been used in retirement accounts to build massive growth or create stable & reliable cash flow.

Come learn out powerful retirement strategies to craft the retirement you want, when you want!

Know someone who wants to sell their note?  Use our Investor Flip.

Know someone who wants to buy a note?  Use our Institutional Flip.

Even the most advanced note investors use these two strategies for simple returns by combining their access to inventory and their network of hungry investors.

Access to the best inventory is key for any investor in any asset class.  In our training you will have access to all of our inventory and learn how to create your own inventory sources.  

The note business is a relationship based business and we will teach you how to grow those relationships which increases your access to more inventory!

This is only a taste of what is covered in our 2.5 day training.  There are many more strategies, techniques and skills you will acquire from our intensive time together.

2.5 Day Training

March 22-24


(Price includes 1 guest)

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Notes vs Traditional Real Estate

Join us in Dallas for our 2.5 day intensive training!